Traditional Verse

We Loved (sonnet)
Published in Tattered Daisies and Under Construction

Seductively, you'd whisper in my ear,
Which froze the breath from deep inside my chest.
So thirstily I'd drink the words I'd hear,
That rippled like your fingers o'er my breast.

You'd tease me with sweet shivers to my skin,
So bridging miles that tore us both apart,
And eagerly, I let you enter in,
To kiss the scars that marred my broken heart.

Then caught up in the heat of our romance,
I wilted at the mercy of your touch.
We gave ourselves again to passion's dance,
And loved the love we'd longed to love so much.

We gave the best we had to give, and then,
You left my heart intact to love again.

Examining Me (sonnet)

I peer into a crystal image bland
Illumined by a frosted bedroom lamp
And face to face beside myself I stand
Alone against the sudden cold and damp.

Who is this flattened form that looks like me
That imitates my very width and height
But cannot duplicate identity
For right is always left, and left is right?

How can I tear away the glassy shell
To show the passioned warmth of what I hide
So others, even I myself, can tell
What three-dimensioned life I hold inside?

Alas, I walk away a little while
And offer to the world a simple smile.

Moonlight Passion (villanelle)
Published in Tattered Daisies

He tears into her eyes with piercing gaze
Intensified by luring hums of night,
Then peaks in ecstasy where passions blaze

While interlocking arms, his body sways
Against the rising heat her breasts ignite.
He tears into her eyes with piercing gaze

And while they stand in moonlight's gentle rays
He pulls her to himself with all his might,
Then peaks in ecstasy where passions blaze.

Their breaths roll hot and steamy in the haze
While eager arms enfold each other tight.
He tears into her eyes with piercing gaze

He fans the glowing flames where hunger plays,
Unable the intensity to fight,
Then peaks in ecstasy where passions blaze.

His searing mouth then sets her lips ablaze,
Entangled tongues entwine with lust alight
He tears into her eyes with piercing gaze
Then peaks in ecstasy where passions blaze.

Night Lovers (abcedarian)
Published in Tattered Daisies

Against the backdrop of the night
Below the twinkling stars so bright
Clothed in a mystic haze of light,
Dreamers relive their dreaming.
Enthralled within each of their eyes
Forging crests of softened sighs
Guiding hands o'er wakening thighs,
Hollowed breaths are steaming.
Irresistibly he sips,
Joining tips to fingertips
Kissing her upon the lips,
Lovers taste each other.
Melting in their warm embrace
Night surrounds their secret place,
Only love now keeps each face
Pressed to one another.
Quiet whispers sail the air
'Round the lust-indulgent pair
Savouring each touch they share,
Tantalizing sweetly
Until both are drawn into
Visions of what lovers do
When desire rages through,
Xciting so completely -
Yielding themselves for passion's sake,
Zestfully satisfies the ache.

Rhythm (triolet)

The rhythm of the rolling tide
With relish, licks the golden shore
And dancing shadows dip and ride
The rhythm of the rolling tide.
And while her cavern opens wide
To swallow in the rush and roar,
The rhythm of the rolling tide
With relish, licks the golden shore.

Cry (triolet)
Published in Tattered Daisies

She turns the covers down upon her bed
And slips into the comfort of the night.
With tears cascading from the words he'd said,
She turns the covers down upon the bed.
His image plastered hard inside her head,
She silences the sobs she has to fight.
She turns the covers down upon the bed
And slips into the comfort of the night.

My Poet's Heart (blank Verse)

The sounds of her are distant to me now;
I barely hear the groanings that she makes.
She feels, and yet I cannot understand
How silence has replaced expressions, why
I cannot penetrate her outer shell,
Nor soften its desire to resist.

What evil has ensnared this poet's heart,
Has bound her dreaming spirit while she lay?
Sure as the pain of silence lingers deep
Where words to satisfy no longer reach,
This emptiness will gravely lead to death,
Unless this heart be stirred to sing again.

Drowning In Tears (sonnet)
Published in Under Construction

While steering t'ward the centre of my soul,
I gaze upon the fog of twisted fears.
And falling through depression's dark'ning hole,
I swirl below the waves of salten tears.

As thoughts of you like tender reeds go by,
I gasp a breath and clutch a dream or two,
Between my bobbing motions, heave a sigh,
And wait to see what time is apt to do.

Unable to escape this wat'ry grave
(Neither the force that pushes me along),
I calmly sink beneath the chilling wave,
Surrendering the chorus of life's song.

And now amid the caps of salty spray,
Tides smother me to cart debris away.

2 haiku

Dawn wakes the lily
Breaths across its lush petals
Kisses in the spring.

Rain drops fall from leaves
Tapping hypnotic rhythms,
Tears upon the ground

Smile (limerick)

I once knew a fellow named Kyle,
Who wanted his daughter to smile.
His thumb went from pocket
Into a light socket,
His daughter now smiles all the while.

Marriage (limerick)

I tend to think marriage is fine,
Especially its property line:
My things I still bare,
What we get we share,
And what's his is definitely mine.