No One's There
Published in Under Construction

All about my heart is longing,
Plunging into deep despair,
As I grasp the empty darkness,
No one hears me; no one's there.

Shadows thunder in the stillness,
As my heart in troubled beat
Echoes back the tearful sobs -
In its sorrowing, does repeat.
So unhappy, I sit waiting
Plunging into deep despair,
As I grasp the empty darkness,
No one hears me; no one's there.

Pain is welling up within me
As the loneliness is long.
I'm so frightened of the silence
As the stillness rages strong.
I embrace my arms in terror
As a chill shivers my skin
And a tear tickles my cheek
And my blood runs awfully thin
And I gasp a sudden gasp
As I clutch the empty air
Where the loneliness engulfs me -
No one hears me; no one's there.

The Kiss

In all the world
I've never known
a sweeter touch than this:

the hot press of
my lover's lips
and mine locked in a kiss.

Though hands may stir
my panting flesh
to quiver deep within,

and whispered words
may lick their way
across my tingling skin,

no single touch
can do so much
to warm me quite like this,

as when my lover
freezes time
and holds me in a kiss.

I Think Of You
Published in Under Construction

I walk through the annals in the caves of my mind,
As a breeze flicks a tuft of my hair.
It smells of the memories I've gone there to find,
Those I tenderly stored away there.

I wander the halls where those memories were left,
And the breeze whispers into my ear.
It beckons me deeper 'mid cavern and cleft
Where it dances the echoes I hear.

I search through the chambers 'mid cobwebs and dust,
As my longing incites me to do.
And I peer 'neath the layers of loving and lust,
Then I smile for there, I find you.

I flip through the pages where months become years,
And relish the days I replay.
Then tenderly refile the laughter and tears
For the next time that I pass this way.

The Urge To Surrender
Published in Tattered Daisies

It's a test of her strength and her courage,
Each new love that goes sauntering past.
So she hides in the dark of the shadows
Knowing well that the pleasure won't last.

And she quietly swallows the blankness
That the harrowing shadows now cast,
For she dares not hang onto the safety
Knowing well the protection won't last.

And while tickled by words that he gives her,
Though the thrill of them fades all too fast,
She deliberately ceases from yielding
Knowing well his attentions won't last.

Now alone, she is desperately silent
And the chasm inside her is vast.
Though she yearns for a deep fervid moment,
She knows well that the passion won't last.

Lover's Kiss
Published in Under Construction

Again the glow that rides upon the breeze
Sends slumbering beyond a waning cloud.
While chirping birds cavort in whistling trees,
Night memories beckon to me long and loud.
Yet I, atop my bed at morning's tease,
Duck silently beneath my quilted shroud.

And there, the visions in staccato-ed dance
Seduce me with a distant lover's kiss.
One rises with the promise of romance,
Up from the night where lustful dreaming is.
Then baits me into thinking I've a chance
To taste the love in kisses such as his.

Oh lover, why should these, thy kisses be
Such mocking pleasures that I may not take?
What taunting sorrows now are granted me
Upon each dawning, as I slowly wake?
And must my lonely heart be doomed to see
The love in kisses, born for others' sake?

Nothing More

It was a dream and nothing more -
a love within a lie.
And kisses we were lusting for
were old and cold and dry.
Now we awaken from this sleep
and hide the smiles we wore,
and in our waking only keep
the dream
and nothing more.

My Old Flame

Tender thoughts of you
are simmering
in my brain

Whispered memories
of your kisses
brush my lips

And I find
I'm wanting you
all over again

Pressing me
beneath the heat
of your fingertips.

Charted Course

There's a river that runs in the summer
With a flow that beckons and calls,
And it gurgles and ripples in bubbles
As it dips and dives and falls.

And it hums in the autumn when shallow
As it echoes the burp of the frog,
And it kisses elongated shadows
That tear through the hovering fog.

In the winter, when it freezes over
Under layers of glistening snow,
It solemnly mourns in silence
For the dead and the dying below.

Then in spring, it bursts forth in a rumble
As it fills with the thaw and the rain,
And it stretches for miles to the ocean
As it follows its course again.

No Voice

When you are free to love again
I will be free to live,
'til then I've nothing of myself
to give.

When silence fails to hold us still
you'll wish for me to call,
but 'til that time, I have no voice
at all.

When no restrictions bind our touch
and arms no longer fold,
then you and I will love the dreams
we hold.

But if you stay content to dream
and never risk the fall,
then I will not regain your arms
at all.


I erase the pain
I wrote on the page,
So no one will know.

I stifle the outbursts
Of sadness and rage,
So nothing will show.

I drink back the tears
From rejection and hate,
The promise of love
That entices too late,
And the lies of a heart
That demands that I wait,
So no one will know.

I paste on a smile
To cover the pain,
So no one will know.

I hold my head high
In the fits of rain,
So nothing will show.

I walk through my days
As if nothing were wrong,
Denying the hurt,
I pretend to be strong,
I cover my crying
With laughter and song,
So no one will know.

Published in Tattered Daisies

The mask, he pulls across his face
Before they go to sleep,
Then clings in desperate silence to
The secret he must keep.

She cannot know that passions brew,
That yearning swells inside,
Nor that his heartbeat whispers of
A love he has to hide.

She cannot know the images
That lie within his eyes,
The tears that fall unchallenged for
The love behind the lies.

So as the shadowed hours pass
And sleep upon her falls,
He prays she cannot hear the voice
As restless memories call.

He prays his heart be silent as
He steals a moment's bliss
And that his lips do not betray
The memory of the kiss,

That shadows hide the glow we spur
From fanning secret flames
And she not see her piece of him
She's lost to me again.

This is My Love
Published in Tattered Daisies

This is my love who yawns the quiet still of morning,
Who snuggles closely to my waking side,
Who ruggedly scents the tender chill of dawning
While stirring 'neath the covers where we hide.

This is my love who softly coos his want of pleasure,
Who lingers in his touch on lusting skin,
Who deeply breathes his smiles in timeless leisure
While savouring the moment we are in.

This is my love whose eyes meet mine upon my waking,
Who melts me in the strength of his embrace,
Who sucks from me each breath that he is taking
As urgent longing throws us face to face.

This is my love whose thirsting, probing tongue delights me,
Whose hunger pants in every searing breath,
Whose swelling, throbbing, pumping heat excites me
And teases every curve of yearning flesh.

This is my love who rides the thunder he inspires,
Who sweats erotic moves between my thighs,
Who thrusts himself upon increased desires
And bursts in fluid flames as passions rise.

This is my love who gently pushes back the covers,
Whose gleaming eyes caress my heaving chest,
Secure that, being master of all lovers,
He owns the heart that pumps beneath my breast.

Licking Shadows
Published in Tattered Daisies

There are shadows that shrink from the light,
Silhouettes of a dance in the gloom.
There are lips that are parted and pressed
There's a movement of chest upon chest
And a thick humid breath in the room.

There are whispers that fade into silence
Igniting a passionate glance.
There's a darkness that fuels the fire
On the peak of the dancers' desire
And deepens the glide of the dance.

As a roar bursts forth like a thunder
At the point of a lightening spark,
There are fingers locked tightly together
There are hips that are straddled in pleasure
Under sheets that flash in the dark.

There are echoes that throb in the stillness
There are sighs that rise and fall.
There's an unshielded light that traces
Slowly over the pulsating places,
Licking shadows from off the wall.

A Lover's Lie
Published in Tattered Daisies

I should have seen the end of this,
Before I played my part.
I would have turned away the kiss
That took my heart.

I should have weighed more carefully
The words that you had spun,
And thus, this lie would certainly
Not have begun.

If I'd have noticed from the start
The eyes you would not show,
I shouldn't have allowed my heart
To love you so.

You Want Me

As daylight dims across the room,
A hunger burns you deep.
It stirs the blood within your veins
And keeps you from your sleep.

A shiver trickles down your neck
And siphons out a sigh.
In whispered breaths of lustful glee,
You part your panting thighs.

You yearn to feel your fingertips
Caress my wanting skin
And ache to feel your manhood firm
Against my flesh within.

But darkness falls against the walls
And hides the tears you shed,
And wraps you in its emptiness
Upon its empty bed,

Far deep into the haunting night
Where love and distance war,
And parted lips but dream the kiss
Our hearts are longing for.