Publishing History

Literary Publications:

Dico (1980)
"The Player's Laugh"
Simcoe Review (1980)
"I Cried", "A Fourth Dimension", "Dew Nestles Gently On My Grandfather's Grave"
Tower Poetry Magazine (1980, 1981)
"Visions", "Knock Lightly", "I Write"
Bantu (1984)
"Portrait Of A Poet", "The Sewers Back Up"
Reality & Meaning (2003, 2004)
"I'll Never Let Him Know", "Fragrant Memories", "Woodland Cabin"
Verse Afire (2005)
Poetry Canada (2005)


Sad Dances In A Field of White (1985)
"Ceremonial Dance", "Lost", "P Is For Play", "Your Name"
Symphonies (Cyberwit, 2003)
"The Poet's Pen"
VoicesNet Anthology 10 (2004)
"Nobody's Little Girl"
Unlocking The Muse (T.O.P.S., 2005)
"Nobody's Little Girl", "This Is My Love", "I Bleed", "Pump"

Books Published:

Friends (chapbook, self published, 1981),
I Write (Terebi Publications, 1988),
Penned From the Heart (LB Productions, 1995),
Victory Won (self published, 1996),
Dear Single Mothers (LB Productions, 2000),
Back To Basic Writing: Grades 1-3 (MariahBooks, 2000),
Under Construction (MariahBooks, 2001, 2005)
Tattered Daisies (PublishAmerica, 2005)