My Poetry Books

Tattered Daisies
ISBN: 1-4137-7972-7
Price: US$13.75
This 70-page collection of poems, will take you on a journey through the desires, fears, joys and pains of the emotion we call "love".

I'll Never Let Him Know

I'll never let him know how much he's hurt me;
I'll never let him know how much I've cried.
Though he has found it easy to desert me,
He'll never know how dead I am inside.

I'll never let him know how much I'm aching,
How much I call for him at night. So then,
He'll never ever know how long it's taking
For me to trust my heart to love again.

While sitting in the silence of the darness,
I bathe my wounds in floods of salten tears.
Then with a passion, bravely loath the starkness
And pitiful resolve of coming years.

But he'll never know how much I want to see him,
How I yearn to feel his touch and always will.
He'll never know how much my heart won't free him.
I'll never let him know I love his still.

Under Construction
ISBN: 0-9688212-5-1
Price: US$13.75
This popular 64-page book is a reprint of the same title published in 2001. It is a collection of introspective poems on love, life and relationships, done mostly in rhyme.

Peaceful Night

How peaceful the end of the day is,
How calming the hour, how still.
How soft is the breeze
That tickles the trees
That sway on the distant hill.

How haunting the call of the loon is,
How soothing the turn of the mill.
How gentle and slow
The water does flow,
That tumbles and ripples at will.

How quiet my whispered "Good night" is,
How deep is my yawning until
The hush of the light,
That welcomes the night,
Ambles across my sill.

I Write
ISBN: 0-921680-00-7
Price: US$13.75
This 68-page book, published by Terebi Publications, is a collection of JMariah's earlier works of free verse, published under the name Joan M. Stevens.

White Walls

In my room the walls are white -
I can't see corners...
once one was splashed with blood...
my wrist, you know.
But it's clean now.

They took my furniture...
tied me up, too.

Did I say the floor
looks like the ceiling?
...ten hundred
and fifty-six tiles.

She Artist

She jabs her brush
in the side of her neck
and draws upon the vein.

Her strokes he molds
to match his soul...

and then she signs her name.

Victory Won
ISBN: 0-9688212-1-9
Price: US$9.12
This 46-page chapbook is a collection of religious poems on sin, faith, prayer and victory.

My Prayer

I pray, Dear Lord, that Thou wilt be
My Potter, and Lord make
A willing vessel out of me;
A witness for Thy sake.

I pray, Lord too, that Thou wilt shine
Thy glorious love through me,
That Thou wilt use this life of mine
To draw lost souls to Thee.

I pray for power, Lord, to stay
From things that bring Thee shame.
Before the world, make me each day
Bring honour to Thy Name.

And when I fall into some sin
May I, on bended knee,
Admit the wrong I've fallen in
And for forgiveness plea.

Lord, may I always look above
Toward Thy face and then
Be kept protected by Thy love
And by Thy grace. Amen.

Penned From The Heart
Price: US$9.12
This 54-page chapbook of Christian poems, is temporarily out of print.

Little Children

Little children wake, for dawning
Lights upon the morning star.
Come and feast on godly pleasures,
Run to where His treasures are.

God, in all His wondrous glory
Wrote for us His story, true.
Come and dine upon the pages;
Food for all the ages through.

False Doctrine

There's an old wave on the ocean,
Powered by the tide of sin;
It drowns men by the multitudes
By flooding them within.

And it claims to carry Scripture
In the movements of the foam,
As it motions to the wanderer
In his desire to roam.

It promises tranquillity
In the stillness of the calm;
Then dashes men against the rocks
In thunderous alarm.

It lifts souls to the mountainous height
Of self-indulgent pride;
Then plunges them to the basin floor
To be split open wide.

Then it gaily ripples its laughter,
Powered by the waves of sin,
As it seeks another waiting for
The next tide to come in.